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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

New Bachmann Porters with DCC and Sound

With technology involved with model railroading ever increasing, getting smaller and smaller and becoming less expensive, DCC control and sound technology is in demand from hobbyists. Bachmann Industries the worlds largest model train manufacturer and the leading force behind the increasingly popular On30 scale (O Scale narrow gauge equipment running on HO scale track) has just upped the ante with its redesign of its smallest, lightest engines - the Porters.

I have several of the non-DCC and non-Sound Bachmann Porters which can be picked up for as little as $40 off eBay and they are Spectrum level trains which means they are quiet running and dependable. The only down side of them is the low number of wheels for electrical pick up. Hobbyists has have been modifying these engines and out fitting them with DCC control and sound for years but now you don't have to go through the extremes of trying to fit sound and control chips into the tiny engines.

Now for about $100 more then the original Porters you can now get factory installed DCC control and sound in the Porters and they come in a exciting new paint schemes like the maroon version shown in the video below.

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