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Monday, March 05, 2012

Peco On30 Track and Electrofrog switches

I really don't like laying track and wiring switches that much. Things just seem more difficult than they should be but once you get into the swing of things it goes alright. I have to refer back to this link on how to wire Peco On30 Electrofrog switches for DCC. Unfortunately the instructions that come with the Electrofrog switches are for typical power routing DC wiring. If you've dropped feeds to all of your track like you are suppose to with DCC, then you'll end up with a short if you try to hook everything up like the instructions say.

Follow the advice in the link above and it will all work out.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Xuron Track Cutter

I picked up a new Xuron Track Cutter at my local hobby store for $17.95 and it cuts track like butter! I had been using a large, heavy cut off plier, put it was leaving a large v behind. I've also used by Black and Decker muli tool with cut off disks but that's a big pain. It takes longer to cut through the rail and the cut of disk are always braking.

So far the Xuron is cutting track great and leaving behind barely anything to file off.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Shortened Rolling Stock Kits

Prototype narrow gauge railroad cars have a more hunkered down look than the ones offered by Bachmann. On30IMA ( offers a small line of craftsman kits to build great looking shortened rolling stock kits to the On30 modelers at an affordable price.

They offer a box car, stock car, flat car, reefer and passenger coach. When I said "small line" truly what narrow gauge line would need more than these? Unless you also have a logging or mining operation, most short lines didn't run to many cars behind those small narrow gauge locomotives.

The kits are supplied with laser cut frames, floors, sides and roof with detail parts from Grandt Line or Tichy. The kits are sold for approximately $22 - $25 depending on the style and configuration desired. Trucks are sold separately so the modeler can choose the style that fits their layout. The kits are laser cut and not intended for beginners. On30IMA suggests you read through the online instructions to see if you feel you are up to the challenge of these kits.

The kits look great, I have them on my wish list when I get further along on my track work. The cost is very reasonable especially when you consider I spent $20 recently on a cardboard cut out kit from Model Tech Studios.

Bachmann On30 boxcars retail for $51 (discounted to $31) but include trucks and couplers. Notice the coupler height on the Bachmann box car compared to the OnIMA cars lower coupler height.