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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

On30 Trestles

The worst part of building a model train layout is all of the work that needs to be done prior to the running of your trains. If you are like me you can't wait to get your trains running on at least on part of the track. I enjoy having my trains run around while I work on parts of the layout.

So the only thing stopping me from getting my trains to run around the lower loop is trestle building. For the major trestle on the lower layout I used this free O Scale trestle template.

I printed out the template and glued it to a spare piece of plywood. I then glued some bits of scrap dowels down to hold the pieces in. Next I started assembling the parts using 1/4 inch square dowels from Home Depot and craft sticks. I found it to be lots of fun! It took many nights of work but it certainly is a project anyone can try.

The only thing left on my first tresle is the NBW (nut, bolt, washer) castings I ordered from Grandt Line.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

On30 Logging and Mining Railroad

After dismantling my On30 layout that I had just started in Maine, moving, renting and then settling into the new house in Etna, NH I've finally got started on my new layout.

The new house has a great loft area that has more space for a layout. Not a huge amount of space but enough to have some interesting scenery. Plus its not overly large so I can actually finish it. Not like some layouts that seem to be under construction for decades.

I've been inspired by Rusty Rails On30 layout -

What I like about this layout is that it packs a lot of great scenery in a moderate amount of space. I like the two level approach that allows one to run two trains at once without a lot of worry that they are going to crash into each other. Its really like having one layout on top of another.

I plan on my bottom level so that kids can easily view it and the top level is going to be high enough that if at some later date I want to run it around to the room or have a point to point at some other part of the run, I can expand.

I plan on having the lower level represent a logging line while the top will have a mining operation.