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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

On30 Logging and Mining Railroad

After dismantling my On30 layout that I had just started in Maine, moving, renting and then settling into the new house in Etna, NH I've finally got started on my new layout.

The new house has a great loft area that has more space for a layout. Not a huge amount of space but enough to have some interesting scenery. Plus its not overly large so I can actually finish it. Not like some layouts that seem to be under construction for decades.

I've been inspired by Rusty Rails On30 layout -

What I like about this layout is that it packs a lot of great scenery in a moderate amount of space. I like the two level approach that allows one to run two trains at once without a lot of worry that they are going to crash into each other. Its really like having one layout on top of another.

I plan on my bottom level so that kids can easily view it and the top level is going to be high enough that if at some later date I want to run it around to the room or have a point to point at some other part of the run, I can expand.

I plan on having the lower level represent a logging line while the top will have a mining operation.

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