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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Movable Road Side Stand - O Scale

Last summer my 10 year old son wanted to sell some extra veggies at the end of our driveway. I looked around on the web for some plans for a farm stand and I found these plans from 1949 for a Movable Roadside Stand from the USDA. You can probably ask your local agricultural department for these plans.

I never made a full size version but I did think it would make a neat model for my On30 layout. The plans are actually in 1/2 scale or O scale. But unfortunately my print out was smaller than actual size. So I had to print out a scale ruler and take it from there.

For a little building this model actually has a lot of parts to it but fortunately there are no windows to deal with.


Movable RoadSide Stand Plans

Building and Construction Plans from MSU

Farm Building Plans from Colorado State Extention:

1 comment:

Trains O Scale said...

Gosh, there ARE a lot of parts to it. But doesn't it look great!