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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Using Peco 0n30 Track and Switches - Wiring

You learn best by doing and unfortunately sometimes that means doing it over and over.

The bottom section of my layout is Peco On30 and LIT Co. switches operated by hand via Blue Point and flex rods. The Blue Points handle frog polarity.

On the top level of my layout I decided to use Peco On30 and the PL10 switch motors. For some reason I didn't think about how to handle frog polarity. I now realize I have to purchase some PL 13 accessory switches. Of course I had every glued down!

Of well, in the good news department I've ordered a NCE PowerCab and a C6 circuit breaker. I've made one zone out of the bottom layout and one zone for the top. I'll use the other zones on the other side of layout.

Note: The links have great pages for wiring Electrofrog switches for DCC.

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